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Работа в Чехове / Резюме / Продажи / Менеджер
38 лет (родился 25 марта 1982), высшее образование, не состоит в браке, детей нет
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Manager, supervisor

Не готов к командировкам
55 000 руб.

Опыт работы 7 лет и 3 месяца

    • Август 2009 – август 2010
    • 1 год и 1 месяц

    General director`s assistant

    Bizness-Consultant, OOO, Москва


    Helping in official registration of papers such as demands for auction, contracts also official registration and promoting of deals with making a main documents; searching for a new clients with consalting of found clients.
    • Январь 2008 – ноябрь 2008
    • 11 месяцев


    Akkstar, OOO, Москва


    B2C sales of batteries and buying of lead based metalls for re-releaze including batteries being old. I had an experience of participation in tenders, and i`ve got many information about lead based metall market.
    • Июль 2007 – январь 2008
    • 7 месяцев


    Lodzhistik-servis, OOO, Москва


    Reception and shipment of production, supervising of collecting the sets of items, participation on invertarization and other functions. I`ve got many skills working in warehouse.
    • Июнь 2006 – июль 2007
    • 1 год и 2 месяца

    Sales manager

    Titan-invest, OOO, Москва


    Buying/selling of business metall made from certain fusions also searching for a new clients and working with buyer`s data-base. In general it was searhing with industrial directory and through Internet. Being working in this company I learnt to make deals with metall and communicating with clients also I knew many specifics of titanium fusions and other metalls.
    • Октябрь 2002 – май 2006
    • 3 года и 8 месяцев


    Consulate Cargo International, ZAO, Москва


    I the begining I controled the process of consolidation of shipments via Russia (with 1C programm) as night supervisor and later I became making all round of work from sending information about shipment to our agents till preparing tomorrow shipments with solving many problems (lost of shipment, out of date of delivery), also I controled departure of cargos from the warehouse. My achivements: I`ve got the post of supervisor (manager of delivery`s department) and many skills from this job. Ability of working in team, resistance to stress, ability of analizing of big massives of information. Also I`ve got a little skills of English speaking.

Знания и навыки

Профессиональные навыки:

During workig as a sales manager I`ve learnt to communicate well with workers which make decisions in companies and know the needs of each clients also I`ve got a good experience to do the deal till the end. In spare time I was training my English with tutor for my own mind grow up and following prospects. Компьютерные навыки: Hardware, MS Word, Excel, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, 1С 7.7 - 8.1

Дополнительные сведения:

Easy to communicate, aimed for the goal, easy to subordinate. Bad habits are absence completely except national holidays and other events. I wish to find some new and interesting job in sales or IT segment or international market company. Beside salary I consider that the good values may be professional skills such experience of talking with foreighn clients. I wish to work in friendly team of young people. Prospects of growing of my career have urgent meaning for me too. I do sport regularly (swimming, ski, track and field athletics), I like hiking, cave traning and passaging of routes also I like to travel abroad. I consist in the science organization called "Kosmopoisk".

Иностранные языки

  • Английский язык — разговорный

Водительские права

  • B — легковые авто